In 2012, I signed the whole family to run in this race. The race was in support of children and the disabled in Cambodia.

It took place on 2 December 2012, a significant date indeed as it coincided with the birthday of a member of the family. This would be a novel and memorable way of celebrating, coursing through Angkor with the family. It would also be a wonderful opportunity to see Angkor by foot. As we run round the periphery and through Angkor many of the villagers will be by the road cheering the runners. My family would get to see the warmth and cheerfulness of the Cambodians  in their very simple lifestyle.

Young and old came out of their villages, lined the roads and encouragingly cheered us on as we ran the 21 km route in rather hot weather as the morning sun rose higher. They clapped and cheered, offered us drinks, stretched their hands out to touch.There were also mothers with their babies on their backs, some sitting with young ones by the roadside to watch the runners run by.

The route through the UNESCO World heritage sites  of Angkor Wat, the Bayon, Preah Khan, Ta Prohm and the impressive Elephant Terrace almost at the end of the race were certainly sites to remember especially when we felt hot and tired but the excitement of seeing the spectacular sites just spurred our energy level to the end.

I would certainly like to return to run the marathon, the next time with a better handheld camera.