In order to understand how to deal with the problem of aging, we need to understand the processes that cause it.

Understandably, we all love to look healthy and good. 

However, in the natural aging process, we lose 1% of collagen a year. By the time we reach the age of 50, we would have lost 50%, leaving only 50% of collagen in our body. This results in the skin not having the same bounce and elasticity as it was when we were in our teens. As a test, it takes a longer time for the skin of a 50 year old’s back of our hands to bounce back to shape after it is tented up with a pinch.

We need to delay this aging process in order to look good. 

The first tell-tale signs of aging are:

  1. Saggy skin – as in droopy eye-lids, eye-bags, goat neck
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles especially around the eyes (crow’s feet) when smiling.
  3. Pigmentation – age spots and melasma frequently over the cheek bones.

The biggest preventable culprits to the cause of aging are:

  1. UV radiation
  2. Dietary insufficiency especially anti-oxidants 
  3. Stress – this can be due to work or late nights both of which do not  allow your body enough time to recover and repair. The stress hormones destroy our collagen and also prevents the formation  of new collagen by the fibroblasts (factory cells in our body).